Blocked Drain and Struggling With Landlord?

One of the biggest problems a person can face in their house is related to the draining system. Even if there is a shortage of water supply, one can reduce the consumption of water, store water for later usage or arrange for temporary water supply.

But what can one do when there is a problem with the drainage system? One can reduce the time in the shower, use disposable plates and cutlery, to reduce water usage in washing vessels, but what about human waste?

One cannot stop the bodily functions and a failure in the drainage system can get messier than imagined. When you have a blocked drain in the place you are residing in, you need to get in touch with the concerned authorities. If you are not the owner of the property, you will have to ask your landlord to provide the required services, as drain system is a part of what they offer and take rent for.

Also, only the landlord will know what the complication, if any were there in the past. But do you have a landlord who is not very willing to help you out? You cannot sit in a place stinking of sewage and other wastes. You will have to act fast before it’s too late, as apart from a foul smell, a blocked drain can even lead to multiple infections and health issues.

Handle With Care

So how does one handle such an issue? Apart from trying to reason it out with the landlord, and getting them to help voluntarily, you can even take action. If your agreement stated he will take responsibility of such issues and maintenance, you can always demand what is right.

You can even call one of the many drainage Glasgow based companies if you are in this area. Due to a number of options, there is heavy competition and you will get the best service at the best rates.