Top Businesses That Still Drug Test

You are now free to vape, drink and smoke marijuana in nine states in the US. It is legal in the capital Washington DC also. While this move has been welcomed by users and marijuana advocates, employers are not too happy as it has become very difficult to hire workers.

A pre-employment drug test is mandatory in all manufacturing industries and especially for operators who use heavy machinery for obvious reasons. A Fully stoned person does harm not only to self but also to coworkers which can lead the business into tedious lawsuits for negligent hiring.

There are still several top businesses that drug test their employees. Some units like the Norfolk Iron and Metal conduct random drug tests even after a prelim drug test and anyone found under the influence of illicit drugs is sacked right away.

UPS, Walmart, McDonald’s are few of the big names that still conduct urine analysis of its employees. There are other methods of testing too besides the standard urine and blood; these are hair tests, saliva test, and even sweat patches.

With several detox pills and capsules to mask your drug use and the ubiquitous use of synthetic urine companies do not get the real picture of an individual’s drug habits. To counter this issue, companies are turning their attention to hair follicle test as a more efficient method of testing for drug abuse. This test can detect traces of substances used 90 days ago.

You can overcome this hurdle by using detox shampoos which have the ability to go deep and remove any trace from within. This shampoo helped me pass a drug test. It is stronger than the regular shampoo.

The law has made recreational use of marijuana legal which though does not mean that one can smoke pot in the workplace and hope to escape scot-free.