Why Should You Opt For Text Message Marketing?


So you have a small business and need to reach out to the customersnow. How do you go about marketing yourproducts? You havelooked at various options andmost seem to be very expensive and thus way over your budget. The other methods do not seem to be the best that would help to lure prospectivecustomers.

Self-hosted text message marketingis a craze among owners of small business. There are many reasons for the same:

  • Messaging – Theself-hostedtexts lets you get access to unlimited messaging. All that you need to do is to pay the SMS gatewayprice per text. There are many text message advertising and marketing software’s that you can avail of. There are charges tosend as well as receive SMS. The platform is easy and also a very cost effective way to reach out to yourclients.
  • Autoresponsders-Look to have an autoresponder that will let you automatically sends out the messages through the mobile phones tocustomers.You may choose to send a single message or a series of messages as per your business need. You can also choose a schedule when to send the message. This is a very effective andpowerful featureandlets you make atarget list of customers.
  • Scheduling – You can schedule the texts to go out many days, weeks, months or even years in advance.The software has a calendar feature that let sending message texts, reminders as well as appointments to groups or to a single member easy. Your time is thus saved which in turn can be put to some more productive uses.

So why not try text message marketing? It is safe, reliable, secure and quick and makes it easy to market your business and attract potential clients.