Five Benefits Of Vibration Testing And Analysis

It is often a daunting task to find out which measurement system works for a given acquisition platform and products. Several things can contribute to the malfunctioning of machines in an industry. The harsh reality is that once any failure surfaces in a machine it is a matter of time before the machine breakdowns completely.

One of the most prevalent methods of testing is using vibration because it tells you exactly the state of affairs and health of a machine. It can help you identify faults in heat, sound, electrical consumption and even impurities in lubricants. Vibration testing and vibration analysis are key to effective predictive maintenance and play an important role in monitoring the condition of any equipment.

Thus, the vibration meter is one of the most important equipment in your tool kit.

Benefits of vibration testing

  1. Early warning: In the case of machine health we can never say better late than never because of the rapidity with which mechanical failure spreads to other parts of an instrument. By checking the vibration, technicians get early warning on the imminent machine failure. This gives the staff ample time to schedule repairs, purchase the necessary spare parts.
  2. Safety: You can never compromise on the safety of your workers. Working with faulty machines is hazardous but with timely notification, it will give the company to replace the faulty equipment.
  3. Cost Saving: Machines that are well-maintained experience fewer failures and require lesser spare parts. This will also reduce the downtime and will not hinder productivity. On the other hand poorly maintained machines require frequent and often expensive repairs and replacements before eventually dying a premature death. All these additional costs can be saved if you adhere to a predictive maintenance schedule.
  4. Reduced frequency of maintenance: When you routinely check the machine, there are lesser chances of a machine breakdown and the time needed for repair is also little. As a result, the number of scheduled maintenance visits reduce significantly which means more operational hours and fewer
  5. Increased life span: Machines subject to routine testing and analysis spring fewer surprises and do not lead to catastrophic failures. The ability to cover all problems areas and anticipate failure increases the reliability of the machine and increases the life span too.

Thus, knowing the health of your machine helps you plan your budget, productivity, maintenance schedules in the process granting you the much-needed peace of mind.