How to keep your employees happy

Offices are the second place where a person spends most of his valuable time. Improvising eth productivity and making it the best place to work and also to get more job done, is the motto of every organisation. But, little do you know that lighting affects the person’s productivity.

It’s true to the core. It’s not just your employees, but all across the globe; almost 70% people don’t like the workplace lighting designing system, which has been decreasing their efficiency. It’s no new thing that over bright or dim light can spoil the eye of the employees, causing irritation and distraction.

Here are few things that you can change and keep the ambience right for all your employees, bring life to the room with the perfect lighting tips and suggestions:

Add more natural light:

Keep your walls made out of glass, and enable whenever possible the natural light to flow through. It not just adds light but improves mood, creates a hormonal balance within and also ensures that the energy levels are high within.

Consider the option of skylight pantries and cafeterias, where the place for relaxation also provides and serves the purpose. You will notice the difference in no time, saving cost on energy spent and also saving on the employee’s productivity which in turn would have affected the company performance.

Reduce the glare component:

While using the systems, its essential that the lighting used should be able to reduce the glaring component to a minimum. Use well-distributed lighting system, which will even out the light reducing the glare, keeping them in the line of your vision, and also the shapes of the object appear to be softer than they actually are.

An investment less choice:

Natural light not just reduces any other problem, but also reduces your billing, by cutting cost on electrical energy. It also gives you a dose of Sunshine Vit, which is necessary for a healthy you, and healthy workplace.