Steam Cleaning Vs. Dry Cleaning The Carpets

There are many methods and services of cleaning the carpets and each one is designed and devised to treat a different kind of problem with them. Out of all the methods, the dry cleaning and the steam cleaning method are the most popular and in fact the best and effective methods of treating the carpets.

Now let`s take a look at what the differences are between them by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods.

Dry cleaning method – this method uses compounds and cleaning agents that instantly breaks down any type of stain or soil on the carpets. These compounds and agents are often used in the industrial set-up for this purpose. The best advantage of using this method on your carpet is that you get to walk on them immediately after the process without having to wait for them to dry out. Another merit is that they can be done by the owners themselves provided they know the method correctly so that they do not spoil or damage the carpet.

Steam cleaning method – this is another very popular method of cleaning the carpet. Here the first point to be understood or clarified is that this method does not use steam straight on the carpet as many of us might think but it is only hot or warm water that is used to clean them. It is this steam of the hot water that cleans the carpet and not just the steam that is released from the cleaners. The cleaner machine or tool sprays water on the carpet and releases detergent. This detergent is softened by this hot water that cleans the carpet. Now after this a wet –vac is given to suck the water bulk back from the carpet to make them look clean and dry. But one demerit is you have to wait for a day to walk on them.